Have you experienced listening to others without silently replying ‘inside of your mind’ what you think, feel, or your personal history about that topic? Have you been able to receive the other in its wholeness, without internal opinions, judgments, or even comparing and competing? 

Deep listening is a quality of presence, a clear intention of the mind and an opening of our hearts. This quality of presence positions us in a place where the perception of us, the other/s and Life, start to change. Deep listening is a social technology, an amazing tool that powerfully serves towards our personal, community and cultural transformation. 

Anahí Beatriz Pacheco introducing 'Deep Listening' (subtitles available in various languages)

How to Practice Deep Listening

  • You need to practice with some regularity (once a week?) for a period of time (3 months?), 
  • Both; to listen and to be listened to. 
  • During and after your practice period, reflect on the possible impacts of this practice in your Life,
  • Be gentle with yourself if you realize the impact that the lack of deep listening brought to yourself and relationship/s. 
  • And, if you want to go Out-of-the-Box!!, explore deep listening in nature, listen to the river, mountain, animals, trees…. We are super curious about your findings!!

In silence, in this quality of presence, a new Human Culture can emerge. A new 'subtle perception' allows us to sense, for example; the social field, the activation of an emotion, the presence of a wound or a deeper trauma. Intuition awakens with new possibilities. The experiential understanding of systems thinking allows us to recognize that everything is interrelated, interconnected. It is a tool that can rebuild communities, that can heal us.

Diving Deeper

Become more proficient at 'Deep Listening'

You can use the below resources to become more skilled at this. Explore them at your own leisure, before or after checking out the workshop.