We had a great time, and learned lots. It was packed with insight!

Last weekend we celebrated the Day of Transition Practise. And because not everyone managed to be there we want to share with you a roundup of the recordings.

Here again the outline of the day. Below the outline you will find the session recordings. Digest the richness of these lessons and stories at your own leasure.

Enjoy the practise.

Day of Transition Practise schedule

The sessions

Choose from the wide range of insipring sessions below

We started in Australia to learn practical tips, tools, and lessons that can empower you to initiate similar impactful initiatives in your own community.

Australian Stories of Transition Video

From there we went to Japan to see the regenerative practices and impactful actions from two pioneering Transition initiatives: Ueda and Fujino.

Transition in Japan Video

Having heard about some inspiring Transition Initiatives it was time to delve into regenerative principles and how to apply them city-wide.

Applying Regenerative Principles at the City Level Video

Social movement work is networked work. So we continued to explore how energise networks and alliances (one of our Transition Characteristics).

Inspiring Talks on energising networks and alliances Video

The Transition Movement is a network. What holds us together are our relationships and the stories we tell each other and the world. Here we unpacked what the Transition narrative looks like in 2024.

Transition Narratives - our story in 2024 Video

With that being sorted it was time to get down to the basics. Relating to each other is essential movement work and developing the ability to listen deeply is a transformative practise for individuals and groups. Anahí showed us how.

Deep Listening/Escucha Profunda Video

From there we went into a guided meditation to centre ourselves for the upcoming sessions. Draw on this whenever you are in need.

Guided Mediation Video

Meditation is not the only practise that can help us change the world around us. We alsoe explored how simple yet meaningful actions, such as sewing together, can pave the way for addressing humanity's complex challenges.

Darning the Planet Video

Having shifted the conversation towards our embodied selves it was time to get moving, together. We did that in a somatic movement session.

Somatic Movement Video

To round off the day and to move with firm intentions beyond the Day of Transition we held space for Addressing Injustice. We explored efforts to address both internal and external injustices while broadening our outlook to embrace the well-being of all living beings.

Addressing Injustice Video