Over the last couple of decades Transition has been carrying the torch of change in many communities. Often, we only get to see what is right in front of us: the groups and projects that illuminate our immediate surroundings. However, great strength arises from seeing the bigger picture. Strength grows as we realise that we are together, illuminating possible futures, and giving shape to the landscapes of our new societies.

As part of our newly launched Practising Transition campaign we will be celebrating our Transition landscapes.

On 27th of April 2024 we will be celebrating the international movement and the diversity that has come forth under its nourishing umbrella.

The Day of Transition Practise offers fifteen sessions spread out over 24 hours. The Day is an acknowledgment of the incredible work going on in communities around the world and an inspiration for all of us.

Day of Transition Practise
Transitioners have more than 15 years of experience in community-led change. At times, it was joyful and fun, at times it was hard going. It was always an opportunity to learn and grow. To celebrate and amplify this wealth of knowledge and experience, we are thrilled to host the Day

We are starting Practising Transition with a big party! Make sure to join us on the 27th of April.