Practising Transition is for all of us activating our communities. It is for all of us wanting to address the polycrisis we are in the midst of. It is for all of us wanting to imagine and build a new world.

Practising Transition is a conversation and learning journey about how we do transition in our communities. People share what they have tried, learned, and experienced in doing this work and give us an opportunity to learn with them as part of this project and campaign.

It is the harbour we return to after each learning journey. The point of departure for each new one. It is where we find the tools of the trade: our maps, compass, vessles. It is where we connect deeply to each other, sharing the journey that is a life of transition.

What is it?

By signing up for our newsletter, you'll get regular content on how to do transition in your community. Whenever a new practice gets published you will be the first to know. You will also be able to sign up to our community events from there, which enable you to delve deeper into each practice and meet likeminded people.


Over time, keeping up-to-date with Practising Transition will help you grow into a more proficient community activist. Meeting others along the way who share your concerns, intentions, and visions for a new world is an empowering and energising process. Enjoy the journey!

Get involved

We do a lot of work making sure the practices we share have the potential to make a real difference in communities. If you feel there is something you like to share a practice with all of us that has made a real difference in your community get in touch with us.

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