A Transition Talk is a presentation designed to introduce people to the international Transition Towns Movement and inspire them to action. Delivering Transition Talks can be a powerful way to raise awareness about the need for Transition, bring more people into the movement, and catalyze new initiatives.

Don Hall introducing 'Giving a Transition Talk' (Subtitles in various languages available)

There are many different ways to give a Transition Talk. You might give a keynote address for a major conference or participate in a panel discussion at a community event. You might also be interviewed for the local paper or simply asked “What is Transition?” by a neighbor, co-worker, or friend.

Whether or not we currently consider ourselves good public speakers, we can learn how to give an engaging and informative Transition Talk. By grounding ourselves in the philosophy and practice of Transition, studying other presenters, and knowing our audience, we can skillfully adapt our approach to any context.

Regardless of context, a Transition Talk typically includes a bit of history about how the movement got started, an overview of the Transition model and key principles, examples of practical projects, and suggestions for how to get involved. The best Transition Talks are highly interactive, deeply thought-provoking, and tremendously inspiring.

Diving deeper.

Becoming more proficient at 'Giving Transition Talks'.

You can use the below resources to become more skilled at this. Explore them at your own leisure, before or after checking out the workshop.