Learning how to "Do Transition" is a voyage, not a walk in the park.

We do like walks in the park. However, most of us have been raised to be consumers, trained to fit into industrial capitalism, and told that globalisation (rather than localisation) is the future. The challenges we face make it clear that the operating model of our societies and economies is not appropriate for living on a finite planet.

Practising Transition takes that as its point of departure. In 2024, when we launch Practising Transition, we are setting out to answer practical questions:

  • How do we become more than consumers?
  • How do we train ourselves for post-capitalism?
  • How do we get involved to create local communities characterised by wellbeing and resilience?

After 15+ of Transition Movement there is knowledge, there are skills, there is wisdom. Practising Transition aims to make these more accessible than they ever were. However, to be able to do that we need to know the landscape, we need to be able to navigate the world that transition has become.

Transition Characteristics

Making sense of it all

Over the years there have been various attempts at describing what transition is all about; for example, have you been around when we talked of Transition Ingredients?

Practising Transition uses a newer way of describing the Transition landscape. We are using Transition Characteristics as our map, as our guiding lights and reference points. We have:

  1. Engage with the need for change
  2. Co-create motivating and imaginative narratives and visions
  3. Connect and care for each other
  4. Support inner transformations
  5. Address injustice
  6. Apply Living Systems Design
  7. Take practical actions
  8. Contribute to a wellbeing economy
  9. Broaden and deepen participation
  10. Energise networks and alliances

These sound incredible, I know. Maybe even fantastical. Imagine we were amazing at all ten? Change would be inevitable!

Transition Practices

Making it real

The one thing those ten characteristics are not, is practical. How would you go about any of these? Where would you start? In short: "These are great but.... HOW?"

That is what Transition practices are all about. They take what can seem to be abstract ideas and bring them right down to earth. Down to where we live, down to community activism.

Practising Transition helps you develop the skills and knowlege (and even way of being) that comes with Transition. Not today, not tomorrow, but over time. Practising Transition is your harbour, the place you depart from and return to every time you set out on a learning journey. Every month we will be pointing you in different directions; for exploration, personal development, learning. You explore, briefly or deeply, and then come back to the harbour.

Sign up to our newsletter and sit back knowing that we are guiding your travels across the ocean of community activism. We are your travel guides.

What is left for you to do you may ask?

  1. Stay curious.
  2. Keep coming back to the harbour.
  3. Sign up for new voyages.