Dearest Transition hubs, groups and sister community-led organisations, 

Today we share with you all some exciting news and a couple of requests to keep reimagining and rebuilding our world through our communities. 

The news and context

Transition Network International is excited to launch a new community research project to help the diverse groups and communities doing Transition, and the movement overall, grow stronger, more effective and impactful. We want to learn from each other’s experiences to create even greater positive change together.

We're also currently immersed in an intensive funding search for the Transition movement communities. We're hoping to reinstate the seed fundings that benefited so many groups in the past, along with other fund distribution systems. 

It is crucial for us to have access to up-to-date imagery, videos, data, quotes, and stories from across the Transition Movement.

The stories and images you share allow us to make more visible and to amplify the wide scope and rich diversity of ways that communities are applying Transition principles and characteristics in remimagining and rebuilding our communities and ecosystems.

Quality images and stories bring the impact of Transition to life for funders and policymakers. This helps us immensely in making the case for bringing more resources into the movement and influencing systemic change. 

Our goal is to gather and provide valuable information and resources for Transition groups to 

  • highlight our collective achievements and demonstrate the wide-reaching impact of our movement
  • raise awareness and inspire others 
  • support fundraising efforts and resources distribution
  • support your communications and fundraising campaigns

The invitations

In order to achieve these goals, and to build resilience and regeneration in our Transition communities and movement, you're all invited to participate:

  • at the Community research project sharing your stories of community-led change
  • to build a media bank for Transition impact and resource redistribution

Share your stories of community-led change

Discover more about the project and share your Stories

Submit your images and videos

Delve deeper and contribute to the Media bank

We're expecting to have this call open from July to September 2024 for this iteration.

Thank you so much in advance for your contributions,

Michael Addison (Fundraising Role), Esther Molina (Communications), Deborah Benham (TN Co-Lead)