Hey there, fellow changemakers!

Can you believe it's been eighteen years since we started this journey called Transition? From those humble beginnings, that simple idea of envisioning the future we’d like to live in has grown and morphed into something extraordinary—a global force for positive change that is making waves in communities far and wide.

But you know what's even more incredible? It's the journey we've taken together. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, we've stayed true to the vision of a better, more sustainable world, united by our shared purpose and belief in the power of change. And now, as we find ourselves in a changed world where doing and being Transition becomes mainstream, it's time to celebrate how far we've come.

We're talking about all those little victories and learnings, the small steps we've taken, the big strides we have made, the moments of doubt followed by bursts of inspiration. It's about the friendships we've forged, the challenges we've faced, and the resilience we've shown in the face of adversity.

Whether you've been a part of Transition from the beginning or recently joined, we’d like to celebrate the journey we've embarked upon together. It's a journey marked by consistency, longevity, and the unwavering commitment to creating a better world—one step at a time.

So here's the plan: we want to see, honour and uplift your story. Show us where you started and where you are now. Share your Before and After with a meme that captures the essence of your Transition journey, or any little step along the way that has transformed your life. We'll provide the frame, you bring the magic!

We have less than one month until the Day of Transition Practice (April 27, 2024!), when we come together to explore and showcase the power of community, the joy of collaboration, and the sheer awesomeness of what we are doing. Your stories and photos can show the world what we're made of—friendship, resilience, and a whole lot of heart.

  1. Dive into your folders and find good photos to share as Before and After, to remind yourself of your path, inspire others and keep the momentum going. Publish the photo collage on your social media (with descriptions),
  2. add one of the hashtags: #WeAreTransition or #WeDoTransition  
  3. and share it with the world!

Tag #TransitionNetwork as well so we can repost and amplify your story, in any language it is posted. 

And if you need help with the composition image, you can send the photos to practise@transitionmovement.org and we can make them into a meme. If you don’t have a social media profile, we can post it for you.

This is the time to reflect and shine, and we're just getting started! Let's acknowledge and celebrate the power of collective action and the transformative potential within each of us.

With gratitude and excitement,

Your Practicing Transition team

Liza, Anahi, Dan, Philipp and Esther